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Confirmed Pigfucker: Political Poems by Spitzenprodukte

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Read CONFIRMED PIGFUCKER. Living in fear. Brexit Bounce. Post-fucked politics. 554 WORDS OF SHEER BRUTALITY. Syria, sex, social worker. Purely contemptible. 16 POEMS OF POLITICAL EXCESS. Poppers. #Imwithher. £350m for the NHS. Bernie! Bernie! Bernie! Robbing Bastards. Post-imperial malaise. 10 PAGES OF CHAIRMAN-MAO-STYLE BIG CHARACTER POSTERS. Big-top Circus. Tiny-eyed Brideshead shits. Heel boys. Late summer evenings. Dogbloc lies. Busted flush. 7 VERSES OF PURE TRADE UNION FILTH. So much for a kinder, gentler politics. 48%. Sex Person of the LRB. As plotters they're fucking useless. World-wide content exporter. Harambe. Republican cuck. SPITZENPRODUKTE. Section 28. If anything it reflects well upon the man. Prize Turkey. Hillary Benn's International Brigades. Asset-stripping whole regions of England. VILE TROLL. Sad!