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About Vile Troll

The Troll

Vile Troll Books aims to return to political printing some of its dirty backstory: cheap and nasty printed materials offering salacious gossip, base and atavistic urges and a fundamental disrespect to all authority.

The Vile Troll itself is a hulking, breathing great printing press; a Risograph RN2000EP. We print some stuff on the Troll, others elsewhere, but its clunking power to churn out words, image and threats inspires everything we do.

From Pere Duchesne 

"Pretty fucking good, I say to him. I understand your affair pretty fucking well. And what do you do now?

I make pamphlets, he tells me.

What, I said. Pamphlets? What kind of fucking trade is that?

Yes, he said, pamphlets that try to win over the people, to make them believe that the Assembly’s decrees harm them, that their good friends the patriots take them down the wrong path, and that they themselves must help us return them to slavery.

Oh I was fucking shaking. I felt the urge to knock out this fucking maker of pamphlets. Nevertheless, I held myself back, and I said to him, let’s see what these fucking pamphlets are.


Go, you rascal, you won’t make us believe this. We know that the goods of the fucking clergy that we're going to sell, and that I just bought a piece of, will prevent bankruptcy. We know that the money will reappear and that everyone will be happy, except the fucking bandits like you. We know this and we'll make fucking toilet paper of your stupid pamphlets.

He wanted to respond to me, but in my anger I gave him the fucking hardest slap that the fucking face of a rascal ever received, and I got out at the Port Saint-Bernard."